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Industry must commit to reducing CO emissions and atmospheric carbon levels

By leveraging Occidental's 40 year legacy of carbon utilization and storage, Oxy Low Carbon Ventures is advancing new approaches and technologies to provide solutions for the low-carbon energy, power and products we all need.

We’re using our carbon management expertise to build a transformational and sustainable business model—one that will use human-made CO2 emissions in new ways to create a variety of solutions and products from lower carbon oil and fuels to chemicals and concrete. These efforts are critical to helping lower emissions globally, and we’re working across industries, developing projects to capture and remove CO2 emissions from the atmosphere or industrial sources worldwide that can be used for product creation or carbon retirement.

We’re offering powerful, practical initiatives that other industries can use to decarbonize—including carbon-neutral oil and fuels, CO2 sequestration, and carbon management advisory services.

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Oxy Low Carbon Ventures is taking action

We’re implementing innovative models in integrated carbon management and bringing partners together to create pathways that others around the world can follow to lower the carbon impact of their operations.

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Meeting today’s demands while solving tomorrow’s challenges

Fortune 500 and sustainability-minded corporations worldwide are looking for tools to help them realize their carbon neutrality ambitions.

Our team of energy and industrial carbon specialists can help you lower your carbon impact. From consulting services to carbon capture, utilization and storage project support, the Oxy Low Carbon Ventures' team has extensive knowledge and practical experience in CO2 management, to support organizations across industries as they work to achieve their carbon reduction targets.

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